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About CAVA

I’m CArolina VAlderrama. A graphic designer with 15 years of working experience on packaging design, brands and prints solutions.


I’m specially skilled in wine labels and packaging. In fact... I’m passionate about wine!... why? I was born and raised in the Colchagua Valley, home to generations of wine making families, who developed into prestigious wineries, worldwide. More so, I learned from my parents, grand parents and great gran parents, what terroir really means, from the vineyard until its served on the dinner table.

I am passionate about fine wine and committed to celebrating the beauty and bounty of this product.
And I know that fine wines are made by good people. I’ll tell your story in a compelling way, bringing your customers closer to you.

A deep understanding of the wine world, guides me and my team in our approach. Our work is guided by strategic insights that promote sales and presence in the marketplace.

I will help you answer the questions that drive your business model...

 Who do you want to be?

Do you want to be bold, elegant, simple, fresh, modern?

Who is your customer?

Where are you going to sell your product?

Custom-fit solutions speak in your distinct voice to connect with your audience. We believe that communicating with a consistent visual identity enhances your customers’ understanding.

How we work?

Powerful packaging directly impacts the success of a product or brand. Particularly in the wine world, it is important to have impeccable label design in order to stand out from the crowd.

We will create labels and any other packaging requirements in order to help you communicate your value and differentiate on the shelf.

How do we communicate during proyects?

Although physical distances may be great, we’re able to effectively communicate with clients around the globe.

We already work for clients from China, Spain, England, Chile, France, Uruguay, Colombia, selling more than 250 labels since 2017

Some tools we use to coordinate are email, screen sharing, file sharing, and phone call meetings.


Get in touch to start working with CAVA!

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